RadhaKrishn Serial

RadhaKrishn Serial Cast Name (Star Bharat), Timing, Repeat Telecast, Story & Updates

The famous serial which airs on Star Bharat is RadhaKrishn. People from all walks of life like it, whether young or old. The TV serial focuses on Radha and Krishna’s love story.

Though many serials have appeared on Sri Krishna, most of them are being liked by the people. Mythology has been changed in this serial.

They launched the RadhaKrishn serial on October 1, 2018. It has a budget of $20 million so far, and you can see it in Star Bharat and Utsav India.

Tell us about the cast and details of RadhaKrishn. Mallika Singh plays Radha in it. Sumit Mudgalkar can see lord Krishna and Basant Bhatt as Balram.

RadhaKrishn Serial
RadhaKrishn Serial

RadhaKrishn Start Date/ Timing / Telecast Details

Serial NameRadhaKrishn
RadhaKrishn Serial Start Date1st October 2018
Telecast TimingMonday-Friday (9:00 PM)
Channel NameStar Bharat, Hotstar

RadhaKrishn Serial Cast and Wiki

The TV show was launched on the Star Bharat channel in October 2018, and even today, people are loving watching the show. Mallika Singh is the main cast of RadhaKrishn serial, and she is only 18 years old.

RadhaKrishn Serial
RadhaKrishn Serial

The popular TV show has been produced by Siddharth Kumar Tiwari, Rahul Kumar Tiwari and Gayatri Gill Tiwari. The lead actress of RadhaKrishn was only 15 when she auditioned for the serial.

Sumedh Mudgalkar plays Krishna in the show, and actress Mallika Singh plays Radha. The audience of the Radhakrishna show loves the performance of the two.

Malika Singh aka Radha

The star cast of RadhaKrishn is truly unique, so there have been more than 660 episodes of the serial.

The serial stars Himanshu Soni as Krishna of Golok while Shivya Pathania was seen as Radha of Golok. Apart from this, Zalak Desai plays Rukmini and Basant Bhatt is seen in the role of Balram and Sheshnag.

Monika Chauhan plays Astrology and Revathi, Gavi Chahal in Nand Baba, Reena Kapoor as Yashoda Maa, Naveen Jinger and Falak Naz as Vasudev Devaki and Arpit Ranka as Kansa.

Sumedh Mudgalkar AKA Krishna
Sumedh Mudgalkar AKA Krishna

The popular TV serial, which aired in 2018, has 660 episodes and has a duration of about 23 minutes each. This TV serial is so popular that it has been telecast many times. The company producing this show is swastika productions.

RadhaKrishn story has been made highly romantic. Many people also oppose this serial as it has nothing to do with Radha and Krishna’s real life.

Zalak Desai (Rukmini)
Zalak Desai (Rukmini)

RadhaKrishn Cast (Role Name and Real Name)

Role NameReal Name
RadhaMalika Singh
KrishnaSumedh Mudgalkar
Satyabhama (Krishna’s third wife)Aleya Ghosh
Jambavati (Krishna’s second wife)Vaidehi Nayar
Rukmini (Krishna’s first wife)Zalak Desai
Ayan (Radha’s husband)Rushiraj Pawar
Kansa (Krishna’s maternal uncle, Mama)Arpit Ranka
Devaki (Krishna’s mother)Falak Naaz
Vasudev (Krishna’s father)Naveen Jingar
Baba (Krishna’s foster father)Gavie Chahal Nanda
Yashoda (Krishna’s foster mother)Reena Kapoor
SambaKartikey Malviya
Radha of GolokaShivya Pathania

RadhaKrishn Serial FAQs

When was the Radhakrishn serial started?

It started on October 1, 2018, and people like it from now on.

Is Radhakrishnan serial real?

There is no doubt that it has been fabricated. However, there has also been a lot of opposition to the serial due to the exploits as its story is different from the life of RadhaKrishn.

Who played Radha in the RadhaKrishn serial?

Mallika Singh plays Radha. Tell you she was only 15 when she auditioned for this serial.

Who has played Lord Krishna?

In the role of Lord Krishna is Sumedh Mudgalkar. He has also worked in Dance India Dance, Dil Dosti Dance and Chakraborty Ashok Samrat, besides RadhaKrishn serial.

Final Words

RadhaKrishn serial star cast is terrific. Radha, aka Mallika Singh, is in the news day in and day out for her beauty. This article mentioned the star cast, story, timing, repeat telecast, and updates of the RadhaKrishn serial.

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