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Sachin Tendulkar Net Worth 2021: Salary, Income, Houses, Car & Bike Collection

Sachin Tendulkar Net Worth is $200 million in 2021, Rs 1460 crore in Indian currency. Sachin Tendulkar, called the God of cricket, has crafted many new definitions in his 20-year career. Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar has made many records that are very difficult for any cricketer to break.

Not only that, Sachin Tendulkar is counted among the most expensive cricketers in the world. The current income source is the Mumbai Indian IPL team, retainer fee, brand endorsement, and personal investment. Also Read About Harsh Beniwal Net Worth & Rhea chakraborty Net Worth.

Sachin Tendulkar Net Worth

Currently, Sachin Tendulkar’s total Net Worth in 2021 is $200 million, Rs 1460 crore in Indian currency. He is the most potent cricketer called God of Cricket. Their personality can be gauged from the fact that a deal of Rs. 100 crore was signed from the MRF company in 2001. Later, Sachin Tendulkar became the brand manager of MRF Tyre.

According to Republic World, Sachin Tendulkar’s earnings per year are 18 to 20 million dollars, only from a brand revenue. At present, he has signed an endowment deal for several big companies, including Apollo Tyres, Luminus Battery, IDBI Life Insurance, BMW Car, Pepsi, Sunfist, Visa, and SBI Mutual Fund.

In 2020, he had made 50 lakh donations to fight Covid-19 while 2.5 lakh Chief Minister’s Relief Fund was given in Maharashtra and the rest of the 2.5 lakh PM care. Well, Sachin Tendulkar has a modest amount of net worth ratio.

Sachin Tendulkar Net Worth
Sachin Tendulkar Net Worth

Sachin Tendulkar’s Income and Fees

His annual earning in 2021 is Rs 20 million 146 crore. Monthly income varies from $1.5 million to $2 million. He was the first brand endowment deal with Worldtel in 1995.

In 2001, a contract of Rs. 100 crore was received with MRF, which was the biggest deal of Indian celebrity at that time.

According to Business Today, the endowment fee on them is Rs. 8 to 10 crores.

Sachin Tendulkar Net Worth 2021

Full Name-Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar
Nickname-Little Master, Lord of Cricket, Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar
Net Worth 2021-$200 million
Net Worth in Indian Currency-Rs 1460 crore
Monthly Income and Fees-$2 million (Rs 14 crore around)
Annual Earnings-$20 million (Rs 150 crore+)
Brand Endowment Fee-Rs 8 to 10 Crore
Sachin Tendulkar Properties & Houses
Tendulkar Properties & Houses

Sachin Tendulkar Properties & Houses

Sachin Tendulkar has made money in several sports-insulated teams, personal investment, and real estate.

From Coco-Cola and MRF Company, they had a deal of Rs. 100 cr. and 100 crores. The annual income from their brand endowment is 20 million dollars, which is about Rs 150 crore. And that’s why Sachin Tendulkar’s net worth is increasing day by day.

In 2007, he bought a luxurious house called Dorab Villa from a Parsi family with Rs 35 crore value and was on the Perry Cross Road in Bandra West. It is the only portion of the amount taken from Sachin Tendulkar net worth.

This House has a world-class facility, a master room for guest, and a quarter of servants ‘ stay. You will also see many high-fi items such as surveillance rooms, a large garage for parking, a storage room, and sea face view.

There is a large statue of Ganesha for Pooja, and they worship before work. If you are going as a guest, tell them that they have a guest room on the first and second floors of their home, while the terrace will find gyms and swimming Pool.

Sachin Tendulkar’s property is the most extractive and buzz-dwelling shell house that looks like a snell from outside. Natural plants have been planted to keep them connected with greenery and nature, besides luxury sofas and small bathtubs.

It is fully covered with CCTV cameras. There are also fire and Baragar alarms. Sachin Tendulkar’s cell is best for home meditation and relaxation.

Sachin Tendulkar loves his House very much, and he has also made insurance of Rs. 100 crores for this, with fire insurance of Rs. 75 crores and insurance of valuables in the House of Rs. 25 crores. If there is a fire in the house due to any reason, then the loss will not affect Sachin Tendulkar net worth.

In 2009, he bought another luxury house in Bandra West. The exclusive House is Rs 62 crore where there is a world-class facility like swimming pool, accommodation, garden, gym.

Sachin Tendulkar new Houses
Sachin Tendulkar new Houses

He has a five-star hotel in Colaba, Mumbai, named Tendulkar and Sachin Tendulkar. Also, Sachin Tendulkar has half a stake in Sanjay Narang’s Mars restaurant.

In 2017, He had taken a flat of Rs 8 crore to the Bandra Kurla complex, and he has given a gift to his wife, Anjali.

You get to hear the tales of their generosity, and when it comes to giving donations, Sachin Tendulkar is called the people of Danvir Karna. On the day of cancer and no smoking, the champion organizes. He also donates in a variety of charity and social activities.

Sachin Tendulkar Car Collection

Sachin Tendulkar Car Collection

Sachin Tendulkar’s departure for cars is more than the limit, first of all, Ferrari 360 Madonna, on which Ferrari has become a film called a ride. In fact, for this film, the filmmaker took Sachin Tendulkar’s Ferrari rent. It costs two crores of rupees.

Sachin Tendulkar’s Ferrari Modna 360 was not bought but gifted by F1 racer Michael Schumacher in 2002.

The Nissan GTR supercar graces Sachin Tendulkar’s home with an on-road price of Rs 3 crore. The car is powered by a 3.8-liter V 16 turbocharged petrol engine that looks like from the air in the blink of an eye. Cars have been bought from Sachin Tendulkar Net Worth Figure. His other expansive cars are the BMW I8, Mercedes Benz G63 AMG, BMW M6 Grain coupe bulletproof, BMW X5, BMW 7 Series.

Sachin Tendulkar bike
Sachin Tendulkar bike

We know about Sachin Tendulkar’s exclusive cars, but do you know about his first car? Sachin Tendulkar’s first car Maruti 800.

Sachin Tendulkar is India’s most busy celebrity, and he has not bought a bike. However, he received several motorcycles as a reward in their cricket careers, including Yamaha FZ, Honda CBR, Hero Honda Stoner, and Yamaha FZ.

Sachin Tendulkar new Car
Tendulkar new Car

Sachin Tendulkar Companies and Expansive Things

  • A company called Sach was opened which manufactures personal care and products. It has been named after Sachin Tendulkar by the big market of future groups. Sachin Tendulkar also has a stake in this business; later, with the future group and Manipal Group, Sachin Tendulkar has products on health supplements, sports items, and fitness equipment category.
  • Sachin Tendulkar, consisting of the SRT phone Smarten company, has made SRT phones. It has been made available for sail in exclusive Flipkart with 12999 and ₹ 13999 at present.
  • Musaphir is a UAE-based travel portal with 7.5 percent of the company’s share of Sachin Tendulkar and was also a brand ambassador, but after five years of joining, he took leave with Sachin Tendulkar in retirement for Rs 25 crore. The company has a reason for increasing Sachin Tendulkar’s net worth. In 2017, Sachin Tendulkar increased his net worth tremendously due to this huge amount.
Sachin Tendulkar honor
  • Sachin Tendulkar is the owner of several teams of sports franchises. These include franchisees Kerala Blasters FC, Badminton Premium League team Bengaluru, and Master Blaster Magic in Kabaddi.
  • You must have heard about 100 MB app, and its owner is Sachin Tendulkar. This app is a boon for Sachin Tendulkar’s fellows. Through this application, you will be associated with their lives, such as new news, videos, news, latest photos, updates, etc. And it’s free.
  • Smash Entertainment He launched in 2009, a simulation of many activities like technology, cricket, football, racing. Because of its popularity, US investors have given Rs 25 crore for managing Karne.
  • Sachin Tendulkar has launched True Blue with his son Arjun Tendulkar. It is a fashion brand that is currently flourishing in the US and UK markets.
  • Sachin Tendulkar opened the SRT sports management in 2016 with his wife, Dr. Anjali Tendulkar. Experts believe that in the future, Sachin Tendulkar’s net worth will rise by more than 50% due to companies.
Sachin Tendulkar family

Sachin Tendulkar Early Life & Biography

Sachin Tendulkar was born on April 24, 1973, in the Maharashtrian Brahmin family in Mumbai. His father’s name was Ramesh Tendulkar, a Marathi navel writer, and poet.

His mother’s name is Rajni Tendulkar, who was working in an insurance company. Sachin Tendulkar’s family also has two brothers Nitin and Ajit Tendulkar, besides him. He also has a sister Savita Tendulkar.

On May 24, 1995, a pediatrician of Gujarati origin married Anjali Mehta; Tendulkar Sachin met Anjali for the first time in 1990. After a date of 5 years, the two got married. He has a daughter Sara and a son Arjun,

Sachin Tendulkar started playing cricket at the young age of just eleven years. At the age of 16, he debuted in Test cricket against Pakistan in Karachi on November 15, 1989.

Sachin Tendulkar represented the Indian cricket team internationally for twenty-four years of his life and also named many world records and was called the God of Cricket.

Sachin Tendulkar has scored 15921 runs in 200 Test matches if Sachin Tendulkar’s cricket career is there. The highest run has been unbeaten 248. Sachin Tendulkar has also scored 51 centuries and 68 half-centuries in the test.

In ODI cricket, Sachin Tendulkar has scored 18426 runs in 463 ODIs with a strike rate of 86.2, and At the same time, unbeaten has been the first Indian cricketer to make 200 runs. In ODI, Sachin Tendulkar has 49 centuries and 96 half-centuries. He has played the only 20-20 match in which he has scored 10 runs.

Sachin Tendulkar has made many records and Sachin Tendulkar has also been a very respectable person in India. In 1999, Sachin Tendulkar conferred the Padma Shri Award on behalf of India’s Government, and the second-highest civilian award was conferred with Padma Vibhushan in the year 2008.

A few hours after his final match on November 16, 2013, he announced Bharat Ratna’s award, India’s highest civilian award. Besides, Sachin Tendulkar has also been awarded the honorary rank of Group Captain by the Indian Air Force.

Sachin Tendulkar style

Sachin Tendulkar Money Facts

In the year 2013, when Sachin Tendulkar said goodbye to cricket, he was the most expensive player in the world as per the list of formats. According to a report, Sachin Tendulkar’s total net worth is about the US $200 million, i.e., more than 1460 crore properties.

Sachin Tendulkar, the best cricketer in the history of cricket, has a luxurious bungalow in Bandra. The bungalow is priced at over Rs 35.83 crore. Not only that, but Sachin Tendulkar also has a vast collection of many luxury cars.

Sachin Tendulkar trophy

If Sachin Tendulkar’s annual earnings are looked at, he earns Rs 150 crore every year. His earnings are after saying goodbye to cricket. The largest part of their earnings comes through advertising and investment.

Not only that, Sachin Tendulkar is the honor of the Bengaluru blocks in the Premier Badminton League. Also, two hotels in Mumbai are in their partnership. In this way, Sachin Tendulkar is earning an excellent income even after being away from cricket.


How much is Sachin Tendulkar Net Worth in 2021?

The current Net Worth is $200 million, which is Rs 1460 crore in Indian currency.

What are Sachin Tendulkar’s fee and salary?

He charge 8 to ₹ 10 crores for a brand endowment. According to Republicworld, their annual earning is $20 million, i.e., about Rs 150 crore.

Where is Sachin Tendulkar’s House?

Sachin Tendulkar has a luxurious bungalow in Parry Cross Road in Bandra West, Mumbai. It is also called Dorab villa. His property is spread over 10000 square feet, and Sachin Tendulkar bought it for Rs 35 crore. After buying, Sachin Tendulkar has made a rebuild which will see high-profile technology and exclusive things. Thousands of people come from afar to see Sachin Tendulkar’s House.

Sachin Tendulkar owns which hotel?

He teamed up with Sanjay Narang in the year 2002 to open a five-star hotel called Tendulkar and Sachin Tendulkar, which was an interaction of Sachin Tendulkar’s fellows for a time. However, the hotel was shut down forever in 2007 due to sudden business down.

Which companies do Sachin Tendulkar own?

True, Musaphir, Smaash Entertainment, True Blue, SRT Sports Management, and SRT Phones own and share several companies.

Sachin Tendulkar, who owns which sports franchises?

His sports franchises are Kerala Blasters FC, Master Blaster Magic in Kabaddi, and Badminton Premium League team Bengaluru Blasters.

Final Words

Sachin Tendulkar is named one of the greatest batsmen in the cricket world. They have also been given the title of God and king of cricket, etc. His name has been recorded in the history of cricket. Sachin Tendulkar is the first player and the youngest person to be honored with India’s highest civilian honor Bharat Ratna.

Sachin Tendulkar may have been away from cricket today, yet he is called the God of cricket. This article explains how their first car was Maruti 800, but now they roam in Ferrari and BMW Cars. Here we have given brief information about Sachin Tendulkar Net Worth 2021, Income, Salary, Houses, Business, Home, and Car Collection. I hope you have answered all the questions related to Sachin Tendulkar’s property and assets.

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